Gutter Protection Services in Port Macquarie

Leaf Protection Guard specialises in supplying and installing gutter-guard leaf protection systems, whereby your roof and guttering are secured against birds nesting, rodent infestations and bushfire damage from flammable leaf build-up.

Bushfires are a major hazard and you will require a BlueScope steel gutter guard, with a '0' rating. Birds and possums will nest in your gutters, eaves and ceilings if they have access. A lice infestation is difficult to get rid of once your home is affected.

Clogged gutters can cause a multitude of problems, including water damage to roofs and foundations from overflowing gutters, wall staining, moss build-up and premature rusting.

Mosquitoes breed in water pools, turning the water stagnant. If you have water tanks, along with the water not being able to flow into the tank due to blockages, the water itself may become contaminated due to the breakdown of debris and droppings.


Gutter Guards

The main problem with gutters blocking occurs at the top of the downpipe. Occasional cleaning will not fix this problem; only the installation of a leaf gutter guard will eliminate the issue.

For premium Mid North Coast leaf guards for your roof guttering, Leaf Protection Guard supplies and installs various types of leaf protection products that utilise innovative technology to achieve successful results. We also stock products from the GumLeaf Gutter Guard Range, in a selection of 20 Colorbond colours so they look great, as well.

GumLeaf Screwless provides homeowners with a professional, durable alternative to screw-on gutter guards to help protect property from the harsh Australian elements and hazards associated with leaf-clogged gutters, nests and vermin.

GumLeaf 3D is another product revolutionising the gutter protection market due to its ability to fortify roofs whereby the tiles finish deep into the gutter. This solid, dependable solution reduces tile movement and provides a precision fit, every time.

Leaf Protection Guard's products are suitable for cement tile and tile roofs and to cover corrugated valleys.
Gutter Guards — Leaf Protection Guard in Port Macquarie, NSW


Whirlybirds & Skylights

Thinking of improving your home with the addition of a skylight, roof ventilation system or outdoor entertaining area? Leaf Protection Guard supplies a number of roofing products to add value to your property.

Whirlybirds are a great way to release hot air trapped in the roof. This style of roof ventilator can be installed on most types of roofs and is a well-priced solution. We also install other roof ventilation systems to help sustain energy consumption in your home.

If your living spaces are dimly lit, a skylight is a great way to bring natural light into your home. Polycarbonate roof sheeting is a cost-effective alternative to a fully insulated patio roof.

Available in a range of colours, profiles and options, UV-resistant polycarbonate sheets provide protection from the sun, elements, debris and droppings falling from trees above.

An attractive addition to an outdoor entertaining area, this roofing choice comes in tube, clear, opal and tinted variations. Suitable for covered patios, decks and pool surrounds, polycarbonate sheeting can be curved or flat to suit your purposes.

We provide quality installations for our warranty-protected products.
Whirlybirds — Leaf Protection Guard in Port Macquarie, NSW


Roof Maintenance

Leaf Protection Guard offers a roof and gutter cleaning service, whereby we remove dirt, grime and build-up whether you have a gutter guard or not. All gutter guards require basic maintenance by flushing roughly every four years.

Our high-pressure roof-cleaning service provides a thorough clean to have your roof looking near new in no time. Based in Port Macquarie, we travel throughout the Mid North Coast and have centres in Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Tamworth and Taree.

Our qualified, friendly technicians will check guttering and downpipes and recommend replacement if necessary. We can supply and install the new products for you at your earliest convenience.
Roof Maintenance — Leaf Protection Guard in Port Macquarie, NSW